Truffleberry Market was created to give our clients the kind of food and service experience they would expect from an incredible restaurant, but in a private, offsite, catered format. Our mission has remained to bring something to catering that creates buzz for our clients and their guests; a totally different way of thinking about what catering is or can be. Our team is passionate about involving our client's visions and ideas in the creative process, then using our expertise to create an impressive dining experience that is a reflection of them.

Truffleberry ServicesOur specialty truly is that we don't have one. We are skilled at being versatile, but there is always an underlying quality that is present no matter the type of event or menu we create. Ranging in style from whimsical to formal, chic, casual, rustic, modern, playful, upscale- our events always have a Truffleberry-ness to them.

How can we help you? The Truffleberry Market Experience lends itself to a wide range of events: