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Truffleberry Market is a customized catering company, specializing in bespoke events and restaurant style dining experiences. Our specialty is that we don’t have one. Whimsical or avant garde, rustic or elegant, lowest key or blackest tie- our passion is to translate your vision into a celebration that will leave everyone impressed.



Truffleberry Market is an adventurous idea created by restaurant chefs who saw an opportunity to change the connotation of the “C word”…Catering. We have been dedicated to a philosophy determined to redefine what is possible for a catered event. Customized menus, on-site restaurant style execution, the highest quality ingredients, labor intensive menu items, ambitious styling, evocative presentation, meticulous attention to detail, thoughtful service. We believe in good old fashioned hospitality, with new school punctuation.


We created Truffleberry Market to evoke the same feelings of excitement and quality you might find in a modern city restaurant- all translated into a bespoke, off premise event. Catered events are remarkable. They are once in a lifetime. There is one chance to define a celebrated moment, to get it right, to make it impressive. The details should be as exceptional as the moments being celebrated.

We bring to life our client’s vision- even if it’s an unarticulated one- and design an entire cuisine experience. Our specialty has organically become… that we don’t have one. Our chefs and creative team design your menu and event details in an integrated way, bringing to fruition your message, your brand, your ambiance. We have our finger on the intersection of your “everything I wanted” and “beyond what I could have imagined”. Whether it’s the most farm to table or avant garde or whimsical in personality- no matter what the aesthetic or level of formality, it will come alive with a particular quality to it all. Our Truffleberry-ness defined.


Redefining catering through creatively executed cuisine experiences

Meet The Team

The Team

Our names might be on the articles of incorporation, but we are nothing without the dedicated team we have creating alongside us. There is a fine line between family and team- every day we are grateful to have crossed it to create a vibrant culture. Many of us have worked together for a decade- there is a certain synergy that our Truffleberry family has. It is an uncommon, beautiful and powerful bond, no doubt part of why we continue to be presented with invigorating opportunities that remind us all why we are so passionate about what we do. Humbled and inspired every day, by the people we call co-workers but know are much more than that.

Vaidotas Karsokas


Vaidotas Karsokas earned his culinary degree from the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago and took his talent all over the world working for Norweigian Cruise Lines. He trained in the finest dining kitchens while cruising from Germany to Hawaii and everywhere in between. While soaking up knowledge from some of the best chefs in the world, Chef Karsokas created his own deliciously artistic style that he continues to perfect. He is a true food artist. In Chicago, he trained at Bin 36, Bin Wine Cafe and A Mano, perfecting seasonal and authentic handmade Italian cuisine.

Never one to turn down an opportunity to create something new in the kitchen, he constantly researches, tests, and perfects his creations. In his spare time, you can be sure to find him sharpening his knives.

Brittany Jelinek


Brittany Jelinek earned her Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Degree from The California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, CA. On the West Coast, she developed her cuisine style by training in some of the most celebrated restaurants in the Bay Area and immersed herself fully in the dynamic foodie culture of San Francisco.

Jelinek has trained in Hawaii at Wine Spectator Award Winning “I.O” and “Pacifico.” Both restaurants had unparalleled quality produce as all greens, vegetables and herbs were grown at the restaurant’s own farm. From the earliest stages of her career, Jelinek appreciated making a solid connection with quality ingredients enhanced by this Farm to Table approach.

She continued her career in Chicago at Bin 36, A Mano, and The Hotel Sax gaining experience in kitchens where almost everything was made by hand. Her training in high volume, high stress and fast paced restaurant environments strengthens her ability to deliver for our clients most special celebrations. Her whole type A/Capricorn/Perfectionist thing helps too.

In her spare time, you will find her practicing yoga, writing, or drinking gallons of tea.

Nicole Dryden


Although she fools us often, Nicole is actually human and not a machine. She never skips a beat or misses a thing- truly a master of details. Equal parts nice as pie and strong as steel…she helps guide clients and staff to ensure everything is seamless. She catered events at 9 months pregnant and then again with a 6 week old baby. That’s right, not even making/having an entire human being could slow her down. Her daughter is a regular presence at work, who gives us all a reason to pause for a moment to do a dance, make a silly face or twirl in a circle. Nicole’s personality is a very cool blend of her laid back Pacific Northwest-ness mixed with an exceptionally impressive drive. She loves cross fit, Thanksgiving and brussels sprouts.

Ali Cavedo


Ali is the most charming of them all, with a smile that shines brightly and a worth ethic that is rare, she is a dynamic force. It is in her blood to be accommodating and nothing makes her happier than to think of *that thing* to make someone smile. Her organization, giant brain and ambition are some of the reasons we love her at work- but her smile, her warmth and her love of desserts are some of the reasons we love her even mor







Carlos rocks. He is pure dedication, hard work and crazy talent. In 5 years, we have yet to hear one complaint come out of his mouth. The flavors of his food are complex and result in many happy sighs and/or eyes rolling in the back of the head by people savoring every flavor of his creations. His artistic touch gives his plating “that thing” people have to take photos of. He is the only person I know that can work 100 hours a week and then go play soccer at 6 am on his day off. He is a bottomless pit of energy, positivity and talent.



Francisco is a genius. His innovative ideas about menus, plating and execution are a treasured asset in our kitchen. His talent surpassed perhaps only by his kindness, never a day goes by that he doesn’t “bring it”. He has remarkable strength, skills and smarts- all of which make us sometimes wonder if he is a robot. He is an incredible dad, has an amazing laugh and is the best secret santa gifter there is.

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