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Truffleberry is a customized catering company, specializing in bespoke events and restaurant-style dining experiences. Our specialty is that we don’t have one. Whimsical or avant-garde, rustic or elegant, lowest key or blackest tie- our passion is to translate your vision into a celebration that will leave everyone impressed.



Truffleberry is an adventurous idea created by restaurant chefs who saw an opportunity to change the connotation of the “C word”…Catering. We have been dedicated to a philosophy determined to redefine what is possible for a catered event. Customized menus, on-site restaurant-style execution, the highest quality ingredients, labor-intensive menu items, ambitious styling, evocative presentation, meticulous attention to detail, thoughtful service. We believe in good old-fashioned hospitality, with new school punctuation.


We created Truffleberry to evoke the same feelings of excitement and quality you might find in a modern city restaurant- all translated into a bespoke, off-premise event. Catered events are remarkable. They are once in a lifetime. There is one chance to define a celebrated moment, to get it right, to make it impressive. The details should be as exceptional as the moments being celebrated.

We bring to life our client’s vision- even if it’s an unarticulated one- and design an entire cuisine experience. Our specialty has organically become… that we don’t have one. Our chefs and creative team design your menu and event details in an integrated way, bringing to fruition your message, your brand, your ambiance. We have our finger on the intersection of your “everything I wanted” and “beyond what I could have imagined”. Whether it’s the most farm-to-table or avant garde or whimsical in personality- no matter what the aesthetic or level of formality, it will come alive with a particular quality to it all. Our Truffleberry-ness defined.


Redefining catering through creatively executed cuisine experiences

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